10 Cute Wedding Proposal Ideas

Mariam Norman
4 min readFeb 17, 2021


You only get to propose once (hopefully) in your life. Therefore, you want to make it special and memorable. Wedding proposals are a big deal for most couples. Whether you want it to be simple, intimate, or grand, you have to carefully lay out the plan.

After spending a great deal of time (and effort) finding the perfect engagement ring, it’s time to think of how you will propose to your partner. Here are 10 cute wedding proposal ideas for your inspiration.

Recreate your first date

Call it “cheesy”, but this is the kind of proposal that will melt your partner’s heart away. Let your world pause for a while, turn back the time, and like magic — pop that ring! If possible, let your partner wear the same clothes (or similar). Do the same. Prepare the tissue. It will be an emotional moment for sure.

Go for a picnic

We’re not talking about an ordinary picnic. You want something special, peaceful, and romantic. Pick the perfect spot — in the park, by the lake, or at the beach. Consider the perfect timing (sunset or sunrise). Don’t forget to pack a large cozy blanket, a picnic basket, some beautiful roses, and a bottle of wine. And yes, your engagement ring too!

Go ring — err — treasure-hunting

Whether you do it inside your home or throughout the town, make sure it’s properly planned out. If it’s going to be complex treasure hunting, have someone with your partner to update you with his/her progress.

This scavenger hunt will be a surprise itself but as your partner unlocks clues, he/she will probably know what’s going on and the surprise is replaced with anticipation. How romantic is that?

“Puzzle” him/her

Another unique and imaginative way to propose to your sweetie is with a jigsaw puzzle. Many stores offer “Marry Me” puzzles or you can have your message personalized. Wedding proposal puzzles are fun, sweet, and exciting!

Do it on a rooftop

It’s crucial to pick the perfect location to make this proposal memorable. Maybe you want a fantastic view or a rooftop garden. Don’t forget to decorate the place too. But here’s the most difficult challenge — come up with a way to get your partner to the rooftop without making him or her suspicious!

Propose during sunset or sunrise

Let the most beautiful time of the day serve as the backdrop during your wedding proposal. There’s just one thing you need to do — find the perfect location.

Beaches and mountaintops are excellent choices. Choose a spot where it will be just the two of you. Wear something dreamy, flowy, and monochromatic to complement the beautiful sunset/sunrise. It’s your favorite fairytale story turned into a reality.

Take a thrilling ride at Disney Park

A Disney trip isn’t just a child’s dream. It’s also a dream for many couples. Keep your partner clueless until you pop the ring while taking a thrilling ride at Disney Park. Just make sure you don’t drop the gem!

Or, if you think that’s too much, consider proposing while enjoying the fireworks display, relaxing at a first-class resort, or strolling around his or her favorite attraction at Disney.

Go for that instagrammable boat ride

It doesn’t have to be at the Grand Canal in Venice. You can invite your love to go fishing on the lake in the nearest park. Let the beautiful nature and intimate setting make your wedding proposal much more memorable.

Pop the question on a helicopter ride

Love is in the air!

If you can afford it, a helicopter wedding proposal is going to be epic! It’s a surefire way to sweep someone off their feet while enjoying some of the most breathtaking views down below. When you book a helicopter ride, don’t forget to also think about activities you can do after to make the experience so much sweeter.

An alternative to a traditional helicopter is a floatplane. The clear blue skies above you, along with mesmerizing coastal views, ocean flats, and lakes — all make up a romantic proposal with a “wow” factor.

Conduct a photoshoot

Another cute way to propose is to conduct a photoshoot. You can book a professional photographer or set up a DIY shoot. Some people choose paparazzi-style photography wherein their fiance-to-be doesn’t have a clue that someone’s capturing the moment.

Your partner will clearly have no idea of what’s about to happen. He or she will just think that’s in an ordinary photo op. You can have your close friends and family join. It will be fun, sweet, and truly special!


You can make your wedding proposal unique and memorable with advanced planning and preparation. Don’t forget to consider the preferences and personality of your partner when choosing a proposal style. This way, you can be sure both of you will enjoy the moment and cherish it for the days and years to come!



Mariam Norman

Mariam Norman is an experienced storyteller at Noray Designs. She is passionate about helping people explore all aspects of gemology and fashion industry.